Here you can find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions our clients put to us.


Will your equipment fit in to our small venue or be loud enough for our large venue?   Groove Culture use a touring grade PA System, so sound quality is never a problem.  We use an Roland electronic drum kit to allow us to turn down the PA to suit the size of the venue but still get a good kick on the dance floor for dancing!  We have played in venues of all shapes and sizes from the small and intimate Carberry Tower to the large and beautiful Mevlille  Hall at Crieff Hydro.

When will the band arrive?   We will always arrive around one hour and fifteen minutes before the start of the event and give us enough time to unload, set up, sound check and get changed and ready to play.

How long will you play for?  Groove Culture's standard times for performing are from 8pm until 12am with a half hour break, normally taken during your evening buffet.  an earlier start time or later finish time can be arranged at extra cost, please ask about this when booking or getting a quote.

Do you play music during your break?   Yes of course, or you can bring a ready made play list of your favorite songs on a ipod or mp3 player and we can play this instead.

Can I choose a first dance that is not already on your set list?  You certainly can yes.  We would be delighted to learn your choice of first dance.  All we ask is that you let us know at least 8 weeks before your wedding to allow us to rehearse the song.

Do the band need a room to get changed in?   Yes.  We need a room to get changed in and get ready to play.  This does not have to be a hotel room, but anywhere clean, tidy and private.


If your question has not been answered here please get in touch and we will be happy to have a chat about your event and your requirements.  Contact us