We know you probably have a million questions in your head just now, so we have put some of the most common we get asked and their answers below. If you still have a few bouncing around after reading these, fire away in the contact us page

Will your equipment fit into our small venue or be loud enough for our large venue?

Groove Culture use a touring grade modular LOGIC System PA, so sound quality is never a problem and due to its modular nature, the PA can be adjusted to suit venues of all shapes and sizes from the small and intimate Carberry Tower to the large and beautiful Melville Hall at Crieff Hydro. We use a Jobeky electronic drum kit which allows us to have full volume control of all instruments including the drum kit, ensuring that even if the volume is low we can adjust the settings to ensure we still get a good kick on the dance floor for dancing!  

When will the band arrive?

Our standard arrival time is 1¼ hours prior to our scheduled performance time, to give us enough time to set up, soundcheck and change. An earlier arrival time can be arranged (additional fee applies); please ask about this when booking or getting a quote.

How long will you play for?

Groove Culture's standard performance times are from 8pm until 12am including a half-hour break (normally taken during your evening buffet).  An earlier start time or later finish time can be arranged (additional fees apply); please ask about this when booking or getting a quote.

Do you play music during your break?

Yes, a pre-set playlist of popular music is played for the duration of the break. Alternatively, you are more than welcome to bring a ready-made playlist of your favourite songs on your phone or iPod and we can play this instead.

Can I choose a first dance that is not already on your set list?

You certainly can – we would be delighted to learn your choice of first dance.  All we ask is that you let us know at least 8 weeks before your wedding to allow us to rehearse and perfect the song.

Do the band need a room to get changed in?

Yes. This does not have to be a hotel room; anywhere clean, tidy and private is fine. Unfortunately toilets or disabled toilets are not suitable.  

Where are you based and how far will you travel?

We are based in Glasgow, and can travel throughout Scotland and the rest of the UK.

How long does it take you to set up?

Once we have access to the room/venue we require one hour to set up our equipment and soundcheck.

Can you perform a Ceilidh set?

Yes, we can perform up to 30mins of live ceilidh music, which is typically 3 dances.

How much do you cost?

Price is dependent on location. Please contact us via the Get In Touch section of the website for a quote.

Can I provisionally book the band?

If required, we will endeavour to hold your preferred date for you for up to 14 days. Should we receive another enquiry regarding the same date within this timeframe, we will inform you via email so that you remain “first in line”.

How do I book Groove Culture to play at my wedding/event?

Please fill in our Booking Enquiry Form on the Get In Touch section of the website and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible, to confirm our availability and provide you with a quote. If you happy with the quote and information provided and would like to finalise the booking at this stage, a contract will be issued along with the deposit and final payment details.

Please note, a booking is not finalised until we have received a completed, signed contract and the deposit.

Can I choose the set I want at my wedding?

Our set list has been picked to appeal to all ages and tastes, with each set being tailored on the night to the type of crowd present and their reactions. Judging the best songs to play is something we have extensive experience in, and has been key to our success so far. Therefore picking the full set is something we ask you to trust us with – we’ll bring the party, you bring your dancing shoes!

Is all your music performed live?

Yes – we do not use any pre-recorded music in our performances. Everything you hear on the night is generated by us and our instruments, live on stage.

Our venue has volume limiters installed. Can you work with these?

Yes. Limiters are usually set at a reasonable enough level not to cause any issues. However, in our experience, it can sometimes be tricky to provide the dynamic energy that is the full Groove Culture experience if very low-volume requirement limiters are in place. For your peace of mind, we would always recommend checking with your venue if a volume limiter is installed, and if present, to be aware of the volume level at which they are set.